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The Law Offices of Marie Cheung-Truslow’s national subrogation practice offers services beginning from the first notice of loss through trial and verdict.  We handle and oversee large to mid-size losses throughout the United States utilizing an extensive network of forensic experts, consultants, and trial law firms. Although we handle subrogation claims throughout the United States, because we have offices in Massachusetts, national insurers come to us for their Massachusetts large property losses, for the added advantage of having local knowledge.  No matter where the loss, we work tirelessly to investigate and develop each and every claim for a successful outcome.

On our large property loss first notice of loss assignments, we quickly and efficiently coordinate a comprehensive investigation into the causes of a loss within 24 to 48 hours of a loss.  In conjunction with our network of experts and consultants, we interview key witnesses, obtain relevant information from public authorities, obtain pertinent records and documents.  We coordinate and organize joint scene and evidence inspections. We work jointly with client retained forensic experts to establish a complete scientific understanding of the cause(s) of the loss and develop the case for early resolution with the culpable party.  We also prosecute claims where in-house subrogation departments have attempted without success to collect against the third party.

We prosecute subrogation claims caused by fire and explosions; water losses; structural defects; contractor liability; and product, appliance, equipment and machinery failures.   We also regularly pursue subrogation claims involving automobile manufacturing defects, commercial and personal auto accidents, cargo losses, and marine vessel losses.

Representative Cases

  • Investigating Merrimack Valley fires in Massachusetts caused by gas explosion from over-pressurization of gas line.
  • At post litigation mediation, negotiated a $2.35 million settlement of a construction defect of a standpipe to a sprinkler system.
  • Negotiated a $1 million settlement against municipal lighting company after appellate court’s determination that state tort immunity act does not apply to limit municipal lighting company’s liability for causing fire to school.
  • Tried federal court case to verdict on product defect against manufacturer of toilet valve.
  • At post litigation mediation, negotiated settlement of vessel sinking caused by negligent marina operations.
  • Litigated claim against supplier of propane tank for causing explosion to home.
  • Prosecuted subrogation claim against plumber for damaging oil line causing oil spill on property.
  • Prosecuted subrogation claim against roofer for damaging roof shingles from removal of ice and snow.
  • Litigate construction defect claims causing gas explosions from a poorly supported gas line.


Law Offices of Marie Cheung-Truslow – Serving Subrogation Actions Nationwide

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss ways we can assist you with your subrogation assignments. To speak with Attorney Marie Cheung-Cheung, please call our office at 617-777-4748 or send us an email.